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Activate your account

Your client Smart Accounting Hub account is created for you by your accountant. You will only need to activate your account and to create your password. Here’s how:

1. Open the invitation email you received from Smart Accounting Hub and click on the Activate Account button.

Note: If you can't see the Activate Account button, click or copy/paste the link in the bottom of the framed part.

2. Type in your password. It should consist of at least 8 characters, including one capital letter, and one number. Enter the password twice to confirm it, then click SUBMIT.

3. Click OK to confirm.

Signing in on desktop

1. Navigate to your firm's Smart Accounting Hub URL

2. Enter your email address and your Smart Accounting Hub password.

If you have accessed the sign-in page from the Smart Accounting Hub home page, and you have access to more than one firm, you will be able to select the one you want to log in to.

3. Decide how long you want to stay signed in. The default setting is 8 hours, but you can change your session to 4 hours or 30 minutes.

4. Click SIGN IN.

5. If you've enabled two-factor authentication, you will also need to verify your identity by entering an authentication code. Open Google Authenticator or a similar application on your smartphone, then enter the provided code.

Note that the code in Google Authenticator changes every 30 seconds, so if it is not accepted by Smart Accounting Hub, enter the new one you see in the app.

If you can't use Google Authenticator or a similar application, tap the No access to application? link to contact your firm member. They will disable two-factor authentication on your behalf.

6. If you have access to several accounts with your email, you will see a notification showing the current account you are logged in to at the top of the screen and to the left of the bottom.

You can close the notification at the top of the screen until your next login by clicking X to the far right of it.

Click Switch accounts to choose the account you want to access.

Signing in on mobile

1. Once you have the Smart Accounting Hub client mobile app installed on Android or iOS, open it, enter your email address and TaxDome password, then tap Sign in.

2. We will not ask for your Smart Accounting Hub user credentials again until your password is changed. Instead, we ask that you create a PIN that you'll enter every time you open the app. You can select PIN code, biometric authentication or both.

To create a PIN code, enter four digits of your choice. You'll then be asked to confirm it on the next screen. 

After confirming your PIN, we will ask you to allow biometric authentication. To use it, tap Turn on Face ID in the pop-up window. Otherwise, tap Maybe later.

Confirm biometric authentication by touching your sensor or by using Face ID.

If your email is linked to more than one firm, the app will prompt you to choose which firm you want to log in to.

That's it! You can now see your dashboard.

Client Dashboard & Portal Overview

The dashboard displays everything currently needing your attention—such as awaiting tasks in chat threads, pending organizers or documents. You also have the option to book appointments, upload documents, and send messages to Smart Accounting team from here.

From your dashboard, you can immediately get busy...

What's waiting for your action?

Once you’re logged into Your Accounting Hub, you’ll see your client dashboard. You can also access it at any time by clicking on Home from the left sidebar.

The client dashboard is designed so that you never miss important updates. Whenever Smart Accounting has done something that requires your action, the Waiting for action section displays the to-do list of items you have to address.

You’ll receive action items when Smart Accounting:

  • Asks for a document's approval
  • Asks you to e-sign a document
  • Asks you to e-sign a proposal or an engagement letter
  • Sends you an organizer to complete
  • Submits an organizer so it needs to be completed
  • Creates new tasks to complete in a chat thread

Action items are categorized by subject (i.e. Documents, Organizers, etc.) and displayed in chronological order with the most recent one on top. Click the item to open and interact with the pending document, chat thread, organizer or invoice.

To-do items are automatically removed once the action they require has been completed: e.g., when you’ve paid an invoice, signed a document or submitted an organizer. As long as you don’t perform the action, the action item stays in place. For example, if you’ve started to fill out an organizer but haven’t submitted it yet, the to-do item will continue to be displayed. 

Getting announcements from Smart Accounting 

If Smart Accounting has some information to share with you, they send an announcement to your portal. It will be shown on the top right of your dashboard. If the announcement content is too long, you can click Read more to open it in the sidebar. This announcement will also be displayed as a notification upon logging in.

Quick links: book appointment, create chat, upload file

To the right of your dashboard, you’ll find links for frequently used actions: 

  • Upload documents: upload a doc directly from the dashboard. 
  • Book appointment: you will be able to select a time slot for a phone call with your accountant. 
  • Done uploading: send a notification to your tax preparer when you've uploaded all the required documents. 
  • New chat: create a chat thread with the accountant. 

Get in touch with Smart Accounting Team

Whether you need the firm’s street address, Facebook page, or phone number, you’ll always find those details in the bottom right Contact info section of your dashboard.


Uploading your photo

Once you’ve registered with Smart Accounting Hub as a client, you can upload a photo so your tax preparer can identify you:

1. Log In to Smart Accounting Hub.

2. Navigate to Settings. 

3. Click the pencil icon next to Account Details, then click on Upload Photo to add an image of yourself.

4. Locate the photo that you want to upload, then crop it to fit. 

5. Click on Save.

Insert Image


Effortlessly upload your documents or zip files for your accountant. Here, we'll show you how.

Uploading a document

1. Upload your documents to Smart Accounting Hub the way that works best for you:

  • Drag documents and folders from your desktop to the Recent/Folders tab on your Documents page, then drop them anywhere on the screen. You can also drop documents to a specific folder or subfolder to upload them there.
  • Click Upload Documents from either the Documents page or the Home page.

2. Browse your computer to find the documents you want to upload. You can select several files from one folder. (the max upload size is 300 Mb.)

If you need to select more documents, click Add more.

3. If you dropped documents not to a specific folder, select the folder and subfolder where you want to upload the documents

4. Check the I'm completely done uploading checkbox when you have finished uploading all the requested documents. Your accountant will get a notification that you’re done uploading and will proceed to the next step.

5. Click Save.

That’s it! Your files have been uploaded to the selected folder.

Uploading a zip file

To quickly upload a bunch of documents at once, use a zip file. Smart Accounting Hub allows zip files of up to 300 Mb. Zip files are uploaded the same as other files. However, once a zip file is uploaded, Smart Accounting Hub handles it differently:

  • The zip file is automatically unzipped.
  • File types that aren’t accepted don’t upload.
  • Folders on the zip will not replicate on Smart Accounting Hub, so you’ll need to create new folders on Smart Accounting Hub to organize your files.
  • The original zip archive you uploaded has been deleted.


Installing the client mobile app for Android/iOS

Mobile: Overview and client dashboard