Want To Make Money From Home Quickly? Offer A Service (part 1)

People constantly ask me how they can start earning a steady income from home relatively quickly. The inevitable answer is to try providing a service that is in demand.

Recently, one of our members told us she has been working her candle business for over a year with little return and 2 days after starting her V.A. (virtual assistant) business, she was profitable.

Not surprising at all. She had some connections and was able to find business owners that needed her help. She fulfilled a need and was paid for her time.

If you are still struggling with the online business thing and need to put food on the table or have extra funds to invest in your business, you can offer a service too.

Here are some ideas to consider:

Answering Service
Astrological Charts
Baby Sign Language
Business Financing
Business Opp Leads
Business Plan Consultant
Career Counselor
Collection Agency
Craft Business
Computer Animation
Computer Consultant
Computer Training
Credit Consulting
Database Consultant
Dating Service
Dental Claims Processing
Desktop Publishing
Directory Publisher
Efficiency Expert
Employment Agency
Event Planner
Event Promotion
Ezine Publishing
Family Tree Researcher
Freelance Artist
Graphic Design
Greeting Card Artist
Greeting Card Writing
Home & Small Business Consultant
Image Consultant
Internet Marketing
Internet Researcher
Internet Training
Job Listings
Market Research
Marketing Consultant
Medical Claims Processing
Medical Coding
Medical Transcription
More on: Medical Transcribing
Menu Planner
Mystery Shopper
Mortgage Business
New Product Researcher
Newsletter Publishing
Online Dating
Party Planning
Pattern Making
Personal Coaching
Personal Santa Letters
Personal Shopper
Product Development Consultant
Reminder Service
Resume Writing
Roommate Finding
Search Engine Optimization
Software Developer
Song Writer
Tax Preparation
Technical Writer
Time Management Consultant
Virtual Assistant (VA)
Web Design
Website Hosting
Website Promotion
Word Processing

If you are going to start a service-based business and want to get it going right away, I’d recommend the following:

1. Choose something where you likely have access to a client base.

For example, if you want to be a VA and already have a bunch of Internet business owners, you might have a pool of interested people. That doesn’t mean you can’t start from scratch in something that interests you, but realize it might take longer to get up and running.

2. Set up a website right away.

Even if it is a basic website that tells people why they need your service and a way to contact you, get that up right away. As a home business owner, you need to have an office where people can visit you. Your website is your office. You can tweak and improve it later.

3. Ask people for referrals.

If you know somebody might be in touch with your ideal client base, ask for referrals. Also, ask the clients you acquire for referrals. Satisfied clients are an amazing source of new clientele.

4. Do a great job, but don’t overload yourself.

Remember, you are getting paid for the time you work with your clients, but a business has other obligations as well. You need to schedule time (or hire someone) for administrative tasks, marketing, etc.

The only thing to consider now is that if you start a service-based business, you’ve set yourself up with a JOB that you do from home. In part 2 of this article, you’ll find tips to turn your home job into a full-fledged business.


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